Denise O Connor

About Me

My Story

My story begins in Okinawa where my Irish/American father met and married my Japanese mother while he was serving in the United States Army.  Our home resonated with the virtues of duty, honor, and integrity. My faith and family instilled in me a deep sense of caring and compassion. Connection and relating to people are what prepare me to empathize with the concerns of my clients.

Like many Coloradans, I am a good steward of the environment. I’ve reduced my carbon footprint by the installation of solar panels in my home. The sun powers my home and my electric car, which is my primary source of transportation.

I have many interests and my paradigm is always growing: from having studied Fung Shui to enjoying art, architecture, and photography. I am passionate about traveling the world and experiencing the numerous opportunities Colorado has to offer:

Hiking 14ers or along one of the 17,099 trails, Snowboarding(keeping up) with my teenage son, Trail Running along Horsetooth Reservoir, Motorcycle Riding through the Poudre Canyon and beyond, Horseback Riding along the foothills of Rocky Mountains, Snowshoeing at Rocky Mountain National Park, and Biking along some of the 1,746 miles of paved biking trails or the 6,821 miles of mountain biking trails.

Living in an Outdoor Playground, I’m maximizing it’s potential.
Approaching the better half of my life, I’m learning to combine my personal skills with my devotion to our Centennial State. My career as a Real Estate Broker is built on a foundation of service, knowledge and dedication. I look forward to serving Coloradans as an Advocate for their dreams.

Let’s embrace the best of dreams to develop a lifestyle, a new phase and natural comfort starting with your Home…Let me assist you with your real estate goals!

My Mission Statement

Providing a Well Informed and Inclusive Solution for Your realty Experience

My Designations and Certifications

Luxury Home Certification:

I’m a luxury home certified agent, and I can deal with top-notch listings to give my clients the best services possible.

I am well-versed in how to handle the luxury niche, including price methods, negotiating strategies, and how to differentiate myself from the competition.

Pearl Partner | Green Desginee:

Pearl’s Solar Certification helps ensure the home gets the fair market value at the time of resale, helping homeowners capture the value of their solar investments.

As a Pearl certified member, I will work toward the goal of creating more sustainable and energy-efficient communities in Northern Colorado.

At Home With Diversity:

As your real estate associate broker, I will gain your confidence regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, handicaps, familial status, or national origin.
I will work successfully with and within a rapidly changing multicultural market.
I understand the diversity sensitivity, how it applies to U.S. fair housing laws.

Military Relocation Professional:

All the men in our family are soldiers: stoic, dutiful, and humble and I am honored to be a part of The Military Family.

I have an understanding of the processes and procedures involved in a military relocation and have the ability to identify and provide information to help military members buy or sell their properties. I will guide the military service member through a real estate transaction.

Senior Real Estate Specialist:

As a former nurse, my care extends beyond a person’s physical health. There are many considerations to take as we age through life and it’s phases. As a senior myself, I’m trying to age as gracefully as possible. This should be true for you. I will consider your whole being: mental expansions, physical adjustments, generational family dynamics, home life and living space, retirement expectations, emotional buoyancy, spiritual gains, and your wants and needs.

Green Designation:

I have GREEN designation to assist environmentally conscious homeowners with energy efficiency and sustainability. Supporting my clients to make informed choices about the resource efficiency and performance of their homes; Weather it’s living, selling ,buying or investing in their property, eco-friendly alternatives are growing and impactful.

What Our Client Says


Based on 3 reviews
John O'Connor Sr.
The most professional, cheerful, and helpful realtor I've dealt with. All my inquiries of the Northern Colorado market, Denise researched and answered to my complete satisfaction. She is friendly, outgoing and pleasure to work with, Thanks Denise!
Melina S
Quite frankly, I don't even know where to begin with my rave reviews of Denise; not just as my realtor, but also as a human being. She exudes compassion, kindness, integrity, patience and virtue with a natural grace. I have been blessed to know Denise from a common career path decades ago and have always known her to put her all into whatever venture she next chooses (because there is always something next thanks to the ambition she has in spades:) When I felt ready to pursue the true American dream of becoming a homeowner, I was overwhelmed to say the least. I called on Denise and she quickly took the helm and I happily, with awe, followed her lead. I saw firsthand how her knowledge, skillset and work ethic made the entire process absolutely seamless....from our first open house to closing day. I didn't even know buying a home could be so easy. But I have since learned that it normally isn't. However, if you choose the right person to be your advocate and leader in blazing the trail to your American dream you will find yourself writing a review just like this. (but hopefully shorter:) I simply couldn't get my message through using fewer words. I cannot begin to thank you enough Denise! You are truly a standout human being who has helped countless others through so many of your endeavors. I am thankful that you were an integral part of making my dream a reality.
Kevin Girard
I’ve had the pleasure of working on several acquisitions with Denise through the years. I could not recommend anyone more highly for your real estate needs. She has an extremely disciplined work ethic. She will work diligently on your behalf and her meticulous attention to details will guarantee you a very complete and accurate Real Estate transaction.

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